Best Experimental Film – Coffee Ring Effect, Directed by Kurtis Sensig, awarded by Scinema. Original video here.

Physicists Help Show Math Behind Growth of ‘Coffee Rings,’ Science Daily

Coffee Stains Test Universal Equation, Physical Review (Physics Focus).

“The Universal laws behind growth patterns, or what Tetris can teach us about coffee stains” By Aatish Bhatia, Empirical Zeal.


Beautiful art from used glasses of Scotch (Plus some nifty fluid mechanics)” By Maggie Koerth-Baker, Boing Boing.


Fluid mechanics: When shape matters” By Jan Vermant, Nature (News & Views).

Scientists Crack the Physics of Coffee Rings” By Joe Palca, National Public Radio (All Things Considered).

Why do coffee rings form? Because the grounds are round.” By Veronique Greenwood, Discover Magazine (80beats).

Kicking The Coffee-Ring Habit, Fluid Mechanics: Shift in particle shape suppresses vexing effect” By Bethany Halford, Chemical & Engineering News.

Physicists develop new insight into how disordered solids deform,” Nanowerk News


Taking a Closer Look at Glass” By Priya Ratneshwar, UPENN SAS Frontiers, October 2009

Watching glass age in slow motion” By Jenny Leonard, Futurity, September 2009

Of Traffic Jams, Beach Sands and the Zero-Temperature Jamming Transition,”Science Daily


Microscale System To Study Frustration In Buckled Monolayers Of Microspheres,” Science Daily

Condensed-matter physics: The eternal triangle,” Nature News and Views (Mark Harris, author).

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