Principal Investigator

Peter Yunker – Assistant Professor in
the School of Physics

Contact:peter.yunker(at)          GoogleScholar Profile

Peter’s interests are biophysics, soft matter, and golden retrievers.

Office phone: 404-385-8642



Graduate Students

Thomas Day – Physics, 2018-Present

Aawaz Pokhrel – Physics, 2020-Present

Contact: Google Scholar Profile

Aawaz is originally from Nepal from a small town named Pokhara. He completed his undergraduate in Gettysburg College where he did his research thesis on the role of gradient sensing in collective behavior in fish. In Yunker lab, he focuses on shape and geometry of biofilms. Currently, he is working on exploring role of surface forces in expansion of biofilms. He is also interested in how different growth rate of cells lead to different packing configuration in biofilms. In his free time, Aawaz enjoys reading existential philosophy (mostly Dostoevsky), playing guitar, cooking Thai food, and exploring hiking trails around Atlanta

Pablo Bravo – QBioS, 2020-Present


Adam Krueger– Physics-2021-Present


Emma Bingham – QBioS, 2021-Present

Lin Zhao

Undergraduate Students

MacKenzie Gignilliat

Julianne Tijani

Erin Horbacz

Lab Alumni


Skanda Vivek – Postdoc, Physics, 2017-2019. Professor of Physics at Georgia Gwinett College

Gabi Steinbach- Postdoc, Physics 2018-2022 , Scientific Project Coordinator and Data Communications Specialist, Weitz Group

Graduate students:

Shane Jacobeen – PHD Student, Physics, 2014-2018. Consultant, Ernst & Young

Arben Kalziqi – PHD Student, Physics, 2015-2019. Software Engineer, Wolfram Research.

Jonathan Michel – PHD Student, Physics 2015-2019. Postdoctoral Fellow, RIT.

David Yanni, PhD student, Physics, 2015-2019. Software Engineer, Mail Chimp.

Alireza Samani Dahaj, PhD student, QBioS, 2017-2021 (co-advised with Will Ratcliff). Senior Scientist, GenoTwin.

Undergraduate students:

Nathaniel Moore (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2017) – Physics grad school at Georgia Tech

Brent Limyansky (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2016) – Physics grad school at UC Santa Cruz.

Samuel (Edward) Finley-Price (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2016) – optical systems engineering.

Elyes Graba (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2017) – Machine Learning Engineer at AnswerRocket

Matt Repasky (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2017)

Colin Brandys((Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2017)

Alex Bukharin (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2017)

Tanay Tak (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2017)

Laura Yang (Undergraduate alumnus, GT BS, Physics 2017)

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